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Biblical Hebrew Homeschool Curriculum

I highly recommend the optional DVD set, Biblical Hebrew: Show and Tell. The two DVDs in this set correlate with the course's lessons, adding fascinating geographical and cultural background. The DVDs also are very helpful for pronunciation.

-Cathy Duffy,
author of Top 100 Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

Biblical Hebrew: Show and Tell DVD

This DVD supplement to the Biblical Hebrew: A Homeschool Primer combines 43 engaging and insightful tales from history and tradition, gorgeous photos, the pronunciation of each lesson, and audiovisual review tailored to each chapter and song.

Take the Show and Tell challenge: below are a few photos from the DVD to enjoy. How many can you identify? Click on images for a larger view, answers, and slideshow option.

Biblical Hebrew: Show and Tell DVD
2 DVD Set: 4.5 hours total, $42.95

Mr. David Weeks

Traditional Music

This is our guitarist.
On the right.

Hebrew road sign

Creative Exercises,

reverence for God, and a dash of fun.

ostrich family in Israel

Bible History and Geography

Supplemental DVD

Images: John McKay and Shutterstock.com

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